Participation by Citizen Science

Citizen Science for sustainable land use and regional value creation

© Himbeerspecht | Liane Hoder
© Himbeerspecht | Liane Hoder

OLGA promotes the application of participatory elements in the discussion and design of sustainable land use alternatives on water bodies and agricultural land and in decision-making in local and regional planning processes. The testing and evaluation of Citizen Science projects for the participation of the public in processes and decisions for sustainable land use and regionally sustainable food in the Dresden region are the focus of field of Module 3.

How can citizens participate in local and regional planning processes?

How can citizens be motivated and qualified to participate?

For this purpose, suitable qualification offers are designed, Citizen Science processes are investigated and evaluated, especially with regard to the attitude and motivation of citizens to participate.

The following activities are being carried out in module 3:

  • Structuring Citizen Science projects - status quo, analysing the preconditions for the participation of citizens
  • Study on the motivation of citizens to participate in Citizen Science projects
  • Implementation of Citizen Science projects, e.g. on the topic of regional nutrition etc.
  • Development and use of 3D-tools for participation
  • Evaluation of the participation process

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