OLGA Newsletter No. 6, December 2023

Dear readers,

Christmas on Neumarkt in Dresden 
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As every year, the OLGA newsletter is a must in the week leading up to Christmas. This time it's full of stories that have kept us busy in 2023. From the question of how we can make agroforestry more widespread in Saxony and generally, to innovative ideas and concepts for bringing more regionally grown pulses onto the menus of restaurant and catering services in Dresden and the surrounding area. Read more about innovative urban-rural affairs and people who want to make a difference on the way to a sustainable agriculture and food industry!

Enjoy reading and a have some calmful day towards the end of the year!

the OLGA project team


Climate adaptation of watercourses in agricultural areas

Positive effects of agroforestry systems in riparian areas on water and ambient temperature

Value creation from agroforestry systems with fast-growing tree species

Practical workshop to promote exchange and networking between companies from the agricultural, energy and materials industries, local authorities and science

Saxony establishes regional network for agroforestry

Interdisciplinary working group informs and advises farmers and landowners

OLGA vision workshop on regional value creation with pulses

#Food 2045: What will the regional value chain for legumes look like in 20 years in Dresden and Saxony?

Development and marketing of regional products with pulses

How the Central Saxon plate lentil from Leisnig came into the Dresden falafel

Regional value creation with a public welfare aspect - the story of Dresden's solidarity farming initiative "Lebenswurzel"

An OLGA "Living Lab" for regional nutrition for the common good

OLGA December Story: Regenerative agriculture in a keyline design

A visit to SoLawi Baum.Frucht.Gemüse

9th Forum Agroforstsysteme University of Freiburg

Shaping the future of agriculture

Events, tenders & publications

Networking, exchange, cooperation building, interesting facts etc.