External Events

29.-30.09.2021: 8. Forum Agroforstsysteme, Bernburg/Saale

The 8th Forum Agroforestry Systems has the motto: Thinking differently about agriculture. In accordance with this guiding principle, Germany's largest specialist conference on agroforestry will highlight the diverse potentials of this form of land use with a view to concrete challenges of modern agriculture and regional adaptation strategies. Important topics for the future of agriculture will be discussed in depth, such as a stronger focus on multifunctionality while maintaining or increasing productivity, improved climate adaptation and the strengthening of biodiversity in agricultural areas.


22.-24.09.2021: IÖR-Jahrestagung Raum & Transformation, Dresden

Transformations describe deep societal changes. With the global human-ecological crisis, such a change has become an urgent necessity as the violation of planetary boundaries permanently endangers human existence and social justice. The current pandemic further underlines the acute fragility of existing structures that are constantly undermining the preservation of an intact Earth system.

But how do transformations and space influence each other? How can spatial approaches help to better understand transformations and resilience and make them more sustainable? How does in turn change spatial science?


20.-22.09.2021: Landscape 2021 – Diversity for Sustainable and Resilient Agriculture, online

Landscape 2021 will bring together scientists from across disciplines with key actors to explore whether and how diversity and diversification can contribute to a more sustainable and resilient agriculture. Promising approaches reduce trade-offs between high productivity and use of external resources, the provisioning of ecosystem services, biodiversity and soil health as well as robust economic perspectives, social justice, cultural values and recreational opportunities. We hypothesise that while diversification provides sustainable solutions at different scales, it is the landscape or territoriales scale where synergies and trade-offs between social and environmental objectives become tangible. Conference contributions will include research from natural and social sciences, inter- and transdisciplinary approaches on topics related to the diversification of crop and livestock production systems across scales.


02.09.2021: 2. Zukunftswerkstatt des Projektes WertVoll

More information on the workshop of the WertVoll project will be available here soon.

Website WertVoll project

14.-16. Juli 2021: Fachworkshops "Mehr Regio und Bio-Regio-Produkte in der Gemeinschaftsverpflegung in Sachsen"
28.-29.06.2021: Dresdner Flächennutzungssymposium

The Leibniz Institute for Ecological Urban and Regional Development (IOER) invites you to find out about current developments in land policy, land management and the sustainable development of cities and municipalities and to discuss them with recognised experts.


25.03.2021: Annual conference RENN.mitte

Dare more sustainability! together - fair - create

22.-24.03.2021: Food System Change - Online Congress
16.03.2021: Future Talk Agriculture (Zukunftsgespräch Landwirtschaft)

A virtual event of the Future Commission for Agriculture. Broadcast from the Futurium Berlin.

18.02.2021: Congress STADTLANDBIO 2021
20.-21.01.2021: 14. Zukunftsforum Ländliche Entwicklung

Everything digital or back to "normal"? New forms of work and participation as an opportunity for rural areas