Here we tell stories about people who are committed to sustainable and regenerative land management in the Dresden region and who contribute to the conservation of biodiversity and the creation of a regional food system with their daily actions.

#1 Revival of old vegetable and fruit varieties from the Dresden region: From the Dresden Plattrunde to the Delicious from Pillnitz

Talking with Priscila from the ProSpecieRara Association

#2 About founders, market gardening and cooperatives

Talking with Mona from WirGarten e. V.

#3 About urban gardening

Talking with Sebastian Kaiser from UFER-Projekte e. V.

#4 Saxon excellent and innovative!

Talking with Juliana Förster from Sächsisch-Gut eG

#5 Shaping the agricultural turnaround collectively

Talking with Andreas Kretschmer from permagold eG

#6: We do permaculture farming for regional food systems

How NamNam Natura manages a fruit forest system in the Bohemian Low Mountain Range

#7: Where trees grow on fields

A story about regenerative agriculture in South Brandenburg

#8: Organic - regional - zero waste! That works

Visiting the Palais Café Dresden