Urban farming and regional food

© Himbeerspecht | Liane Hoder
© Himbeerspecht | Liane Hoder

OLGA thinks nature conservation, nutrition and regional value creation together and tries to support and network initiatives and people who produce, process, market and consume regionally sustainable food in the Dresden region in order to promote joint regional value creation and establish corresponding structures. Various event formats are used to involve professionals as well as the general public in the process of becoming aware of their own region and its potential and resources.

Where can regional value creation cycles be created or optimized, actors along the value chain be networked and general cooperation structures be created or supported for the production, processing, marketing and consumption of regional products, especially pulses?

What regional business and financing models are needed to ensure that regional cooperation structures remain viable in the long term?

How can public awareness of regional products in the agricultural and food sector be increased in the long term?

The following activities will be carried out in Module 2:

  • Analysis of agricultural land use and characteristics in past and present in the Dresden region
  • Survey on the supply situation of regional products in gastronomy & Co.
  • Analysis of regional value creation potentials
  • Development of guidelines for regional production and marketing in the Dresden region
  • Promotion of existing and new regional value chains: support for regional players in networking and in the development of new regional products and their marketing

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