OLGA Newsletter no. 7, June 2024

Dear readers,

In our last project year, we want to make the regional added value of agroforestry wood and legumes transparent for people in the Dresden region and beyond. Whether in the form of talks about the production and benefits of legumes for human nutrition, tastings, excursions or field days - the dissemination of the project results also lives with the people in rural and urban areas, their ideas and stories, to make the regional agriculture and food industry more resilient and sustainable. 

The topic of agroforestry along watercourses focuses on energy wood. We want to bring agroforestry with fast-growing tree species into the spotlight as a small but not to be underestimated piece of the puzzle for decarbonising the heat supply of municipalities. At the field day on 21 June 2024 in Wurzener Land and with our newly established agroforestry pilot area in Grumbach near Dresden, we will show how agroforestry can be established in cities and their surroundings and integrated into the local-regional green infrastructure.  

The green lentils grown in the district of Central Saxony are now being processed into exclusive lentil falafels and patties in Dresden and marketed in the local consumer cooperative for environmentally friendly products. We are delighted to be able to use this newly created product as a flagship for regional value creation with pulses. Last but not least we are actively shaping the catering at the Dresden Palais Sommer Festival by involving sustainable and regional caterers. So this year you can see pulses in raised beds while enjoying lentil falafel directly on the Neumarkt in front of the Frauenkirche. Well, this summer will be great!

The OLGA team wishes you lots of fun and sunshine


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