Stadt-Land-Plus OLGA Project

Optimisation of land use along water bodies and on agricultural land for the sustainable development of the Dresden region on the basis of hydrological, forestry, environmental-psychological and economic research and implementation work



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A platform of the German Federal Agency for Agriculture and Food

Together for sustainable urban and regional development

The Leibniz Institute for Ecological Urban and Regional Development (IOER) and the City of Dresden want to work more closely together in future on the topics of climate protection, climate adaptation, biodiversity, energy and mobility, citizen participation, health and nutrition, as well as smart city and the use of Big Data.

What we want

For equal living conditions and a sustainable development it is important to compensate for growing economic and social differences between rural and urban areas. OLGA initiates urban-rural partnerships in the Dresden region and contributes to the networking of regional actors, to the upgrading of ecosystem services, to the strengthening of regional economic cycles and to a mutual understanding among the population.


Goals and Approach
Rivers and floodplains are important links between cities and the surrounding peri-urban and rural landscapes. OLGA aims both at improving the ecological function of these green elements and at creating regional material cycles in the Dresden region. The main focus is on the cultivation of energy wood along small watercourses in connection with agricultural production and regional distribution of the products. The public awareness for regional interaction is strengthened. Municipalities, universities, society and companies in the region will work together.


Expected Results and Transfer
OLGA will develop a transferable solution for the implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive, taking regional economic relations, interests of landowners, flood prevention and participation of the population equally into account. The project results intensify the economic development of rural areas through urban-rural partnerships and social cohesion in the Dresden Region.


Graphic Recording about the OLGA project (Source: www.123comics.net)

What we do

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