Online session "The Green Deal and Saxon agriculture" on Youtube

Europa am Morgen #5 now for re-listening


The online panel discussion of 9th September 2021 is now also available on Youtube (in German):

Europa am Morgen #5: Der Green Deal und die sächsische Landwirtschaft

The regional supply of food has long been an important part of urban-rural relations in Europe. However, due to the globalisation of agricultural systems, cities are hardly fed from their surrounding countryside anymore. In addition, biodiversity in our landscapes is declining enormously, for which agriculture is seen as the main culprit. Also in Saxony. So how do we get back to regional cycles, to more nature and diversity in agriculture? The European Green Deal adopted by the EU promises a turnaround back to regional production and food systems and a stronger integration of nature conservation and agriculture. In our online discussion, we examine the package of measures for its potential to strengthen regional value-added structures, forms of sustainable land use and ultimately regional cooperation between urban and rural areas. In doing so, we explicitly take a look at the situation in Saxony.

On the podium:

Robert Gampfer is responsible for climate and environmental policy at the EU Commission Representation in Germany.

Bernd Laqua is mayor of the municipality of Bennewitz in the Wurzener Land. The non-party mayor is in office in his second term until 2027.

The event was supported by the projects WertVoll and OLGA.