DeFAF Agroforestry Academy with its own website!

Find all information on further training opportunities in agroforestry here


Within the framework of the Agroforestry Academy initiated by German Association for Agroforestry (DeFAF), extensive further training courses on agroforestry are taking place for the first time this year. The new website of the Agroforestry Academy is now online and provides information on the background and offers of the Academy. For the time being, two courses will be held this year: an agroforestry practical course for agricultural practitioners and an agroforestry planning course for advisors from the agricultural sector. It is planned to hold the courses annually. Up-to-date information will be available on the new website of the Agroforestry Academy. If you are already interested in participating in one of the two courses next year, you can contact the Agroforestry Academy team directly: www.agroforst-akademie.de (in German)