Nationwide campaign "Agroforst JETZT!" launched

Broad alliance presents position paper in favour of more agroforestry in Germany


A broad alliance of German agricultural experts and advisors has presented the position paper "Agroforst JETZT!". Agroforestry systems are a multifunctional form of land use in which woody plants are cultivated in combination with agricultural crops and/or livestock.

The paper emphasises the urgency of establishing agroforestry systems in Germany and demonstrates the huge potential of this form of land use for climate adaptation, the promotion of biodiversity and the (re)revitalisation of agricultural structure (diversity). The brief analysis provides practical advice for governments and administrative bodies on how to strengthen agroforestry and outlines 9 good reasons for scalable and practical agroforestry promotion in Germany. 

2024 is to be a year of agroforestry and provide a starting impulse for more agroforestry on our fields in the coming years. Join us and signal your support on the campaign website.

Campaign website (German)