Energetic use of wood biomass from agroforestry and short rotation plantations as a piece of the decarbonisation puzzle

OLGA part of the integrated energy and climate protection concept of the city of Dresden


The update of the integrated energy and climate protection concept for the state capital of Dresden was published in January. It is packed full of strategies and measures that should contribute to achieving greenhouse gas neutrality in the city relatively quickly. According to the city council resolution, the update contains measures to achieve greenhouse gas neutrality by 2035 as well as an alternative scenario with a target horizon of 2040.

With the topic of agroforestry utilisation and sustainable extensive agricultural wood cultivation, the OLGA project made a contribution to the "Agriculture and forestry, land use change" field of action for greenhouse gas reduction. The use of wood biomass has so far played a rather subordinate role in the energy mix for decarbonising Dresden's heating energy supply. In addition to being emission-neutral, agroforestry utilisation has many benefits for the climate, soil, biodiversity and nutrition. Read more about this in the info box on p. 63 of Volume 1 (concept volume).