From bean, peanut and mimosa - fabulous Fabaceae

Exhibition on pulses in the Botanical Garden of the TU Dresden


From 8 June to 4 August 2024, the TU Dresden Botanic Garden will be focusing on the large Fabaceae family. Everyone knows beans, lentils and peas as domestic crops. But the family also has many other impressive food plants, colouring plants, spices, remedies, valuable timber and garden beauties. The topic of nitrogen fixation, cohabitation with ants and the leaf movements of the mimosa are also fascinating. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Fabaceae. Whether looking at the exhibition panels, reading the exhibition brochure or visiting the numerous events.

The exhibition highlights the various aspects of this unique plant family on 15 large-format, themed panels. More than 30 smaller panels are dedicated to individual species. 

Exhibition Flyer (German)