Lively exchange at the partner meeting in Tharandt

From chicken forest to root volume to plant concept


At the OLGA partner meeting in autumnal Tharandt, we were creative: we painted, cut and pasted for all we were worth. The goal: What optimal land use do you imagine? Admire the selection of exhibits that were created.

Of course, we also worked on the side and discussed possible forms of planting and managing agricultural wood and sounded out the need for cooperation and communication in this regard. Possible "real laboratories" for the OLGA implementation phase are successively figured out.

We also gained an insight into the laboratory work of the woody plant physiology research group and learned how roots of poplar clones are scanned and then analysed, for example, in terms of their length and volume. In doing so, conclusions can be drawn about root growth under certain conditions within the first 60 days after the cutting is placed in the ground. We were also instructed in the software in which the terrestrial laser scanning of the agricultural wood study plots in Klingenberg-Colmnitz and Peickwitz is analysed and modelled.