Peas, lentils, field beans danced at Kraftwerk Mitte Fest 2022

OLGA informiert über die Verwendung von Hülsenfrüchten in der täglichen Ernährung


This year we were part of this year's Kraftwerk Mitte Fest, the cultural festival in the centre of Dresden. With a joint stand with Europe Direct Dresden and Europa-Union Sachsen, two initiatives that are also based at the Umweltzentrum, we specialised in the topic of pulses at this festival, because we want more people in Dresden and the region to realise that peas, beans, lupins, lentils & co. are tasty, contribute to a healthy diet and protect the climate. 

At our stand, many people learned about the use of pulses and took away great recipe ideas for pea guacamole or field bean brownies, for example. We immediately offered the brownies for tasting, which were especially popular with the children compared to the soy and lupine tempeh samples we offered on behalf of Umani Kulturgut from Leipzig. It was rather the adults who stayed there and marvelled: that doesn't taste bad at all. The interest in pulses as a protein supplier and meat-free alternative in human nutrition is also growing in Dresden. We are happy!


Photos: Anke Hahn (links), Victor Smolinski