Südpark Dresden: Real laboratory for urban agriculture?

Local inspection by bike of potential pilot areas for sustainable land management


The Südpark area in Dresden is currently being developed into a landscape park with multifunctional use (agriculture, nature conservation, leisure, meeting places, gardening, etc.). It is to become a park for the people living here. Since we in OLGA are concerned with sustainable land use and food production, processing and consumption in urban and rural spaces, we are of course also interested in a sensible agricultural use of the park.

We used our team meeting today to make a site visit by bike to Südhöhe to see what can happen there in the next years. There are a few ideas for land use on the slightly sloping site. An urban farming concept with cooperation partners seems most attractive to us at the moment. Currently, the agricultural land designated by the development plan is just maize. We will make sure that the land use will get more multifunctional, diverse and colourful up there in the future. So stay tuned for what we will come up with to make urban agriculture tangible and communicable! 

Overview map Südpark Dresden