LfULG calls on farmers to participate in LeguNet!

Bundling agricultural competence in grain legume cultivation in Saxony


Both organic and conventional farms can now apply to participate in the LeguNet project at the Saxon State Office for Environment, Agriculture and Geology. By participating, you agree to take on the demonstration cultivation of a grain legume and to deal with technical production issues. The aim is to optimise your own cultivation method and to impart knowledge on the subject. Experienced and interested farms in legume cultivation thus benefit directly from the specific expertise of other farms. The website www.legunet.de already provides information about the project and the cultivation of legumes.

LeguNet is the "model demonstration network for expanding and improving the cultivation and utilisation of grain legumes in Germany". It combines three previous networks on pea/bean, soya and lupine of the nationwide protein crop strategy. The aim is to increase the cultivation and utilisation of legumes in Germany. In particular, the focus is on processing and marketing of field bean, pea, soya and lupin. Still rare but increasingly interesting species such as chickpea or lentil are also considered.

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