Regional network for agroforestry founded

Interdisciplinary consortium bundles information on agroforestry management and value creation for farmers and landowners


Have you ever heard of IANS? The abbreviation stands for Interdisciplinary Agroforestry Network Saxony, whose constituent meeting took place on 16th of August 2023 in Nossen at the Competence Centre for Organic Farming of the Free State of Saxony. An interdisciplinary group of 16 people discussed the tasks, thematic starting points and competences that the network can initially provide. The future role of the working group is to provide information, networking and advice to interested farms and communities that are thinking about and can imagine establishing and managing an agroforestry system. We are pleased to be part of the network with OLGA and to join forces in supporting agroforestry in Saxony. More information about the network's activities, outreach and effects will follow!