Legume promotion days at Marktschwärmer Dresden

Peas, beans, lentils & co. on stage


Starting on 10 February, just in time for the International Legume Day, the OLGA project invited people to immerse themselves in the world of beans, peas, lentils and lupins at the Marktschwärmer stations in Radebeul, Dresden-Pieschen, -Neustadt and -Friedrichstadt.The aim was to educate the Marktschwärmer customers about the agricultural and health benefits of pulses and, above all, to arouse enthusiasm for incorporating them into their daily cooking. To taste, there was a guacamole with a guaranteed low carbon footprint made from green peas, chocolatey-creamy brownies made from field beans or a German classic, the Hefezopf (yeast plait), in whose dough, however, a considerable amount of lupins had crept in ;-). Many customers stopped and took away inspirations and recipes. There was a great demand for very practical questions: What is the best way to soak? Which pulses are suitable for which dishes? How can pulses be better integrated into everyday life without much effort? Where can I buy (regional) pulses?

On the occasion of the campaign, colourful beans from Bavaria and chickpea snacks from Halle could be pre-ordered. In the longer term, however, the only place to buy regionally grown pulses is at the Dresdner Verbrauchergemeinschaft. We from the OLGA project would like to change that in the future. During the tasting campaign, a total of 40 Marktschwärmer customers were asked about their attitude towards buying pulses. About 65% could imagine eating pulses more often if they were grown locally. Lentils and peas are particularly popular.

Delicious recipes with pulses (only German).