Here you can read all news about the OLGA project and access information about activities and events related to the topic of regional value creation in Dresden and surroundings by month and year.

Juni 2022

Südpark Dresden: Real laboratory for urban agriculture?

Local inspection by bike of potential pilot areas for sustainable land management

Mai 2022

Förderung für Agroforst-Modellflächen im Förderprogramm "Nachwachsende Rohstoffe

Jetzt Skizzen einreichen bis 31.08.2022

DeFAF Agroforestry Academy with its own website!

Find all information on further training opportunities in agroforestry here

Get involved in the dialogue on food systems!

A platform of the German Federal Agency for Agriculture and Food

Mitarbeiter:in für das Projekt OLGA gesucht!

Das Umweltzentrum Dresden e. V., Partner im Projekt OLGA, sucht ab Juni 2022 Verstärkung im Bereich Landwirtschaft und Naturschutz.

April 2022

Field looking for SoLawi!

Agricultural cooperative in Central Saxony gives up land for solidarity-based farming

März 2022

Knowledge for Future

Environmental podcast on sustainable business and climate protection policy

eku Zukunftspreis 2022

Saxony promotes ideas and projects for energy, climate and environmental protection

Februar 2022

Advance notice: Register now for the Agroforestry Academy!

German Association for Agroforestry (DeFAF e. V.) organises training courses on agroforestry for farmers and advisors for the first time

Free State of Saxony adopts measures for EU agricultural support 2023-2027

Planning security and income prospects for agriculture walking on the greening path

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