Here you can read all news about the OLGA project and access information about activities and events related to the topic of regional value creation in Dresden and surroundings by month and year.

Juni 2024

From bean, peanut and mimosa - fabulous Fabaceae

Exhibition on pulses in the Botanical Garden of the TU Dresden

Agroforestry planting in Grumbach bei Dresden

OLGA pilot plot becomes reality

Gastro meets farmer - network meeting in Dresden on 25.06.2024

Dresden Food Council invites you to exchange ideas

Mai 2024

Einladung zum Agroforst-Feldtag am 21.06.2024 im Wurzener Land

Hecken, Feldgehölze und Agrarholzanbau - Umweltleistungen und regionale Wertschöpfung

Stellenausschreibung Gärtner (m/w/d) bei der Permagold Oberlausitz GmbH

Unterstütze regional nachhaltige Lebensmittelerzeugung in der Oberlausitz - komm zu Permagold!

April 2024

Energetic use of wood biomass from agroforestry and short rotation plantations as a piece of the decarbonisation puzzle

OLGA part of the integrated energy and climate protection concept of the city of Dresden

März 2024

Article on website of the European Agroforestry Federation published

Insights to the OLGA project

Januar 2024

Nationwide campaign "Agroforst JETZT!" launched

Broad alliance presents position paper in favour of more agroforestry in Germany

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